Portfolio: The Enchanted Theater

A winding stone-lined stairway leads down past a wine cellar to an enchanting theater in the basement of this 20,000 sq. ft. estate tucked away in the bucolic vineyards of Dutchess County in upstate New York.

Once you enter the 960 sq. ft. theater, you are immediately transported to a special place full of whimsical animal portraits commissioned especially for the room. Ornate gilded frames glimmer against the rich burgundy wallpaper. Leather seating and sheepskin-upholstered ottomans add a perfect contemporary note to the unique design of the room. And the entertainment experience is equally as memorable and distinct with a 150-inch screen and an audiophile-class 9.2 surround-sound system.

Architect: Crisp Architects | Interiors: Rob Bowen Design Group | Awards: EH Home of the Year | Awards: Mark of Excellence