Dave Raines

Osbee was established as an IT consulting company in 1996 by Founder and President Dave Raines — a foundation that paved the way to becoming a pioneer in the burgeoning smart home industry.

Given Dave’s early aptitude for technology and an avid interest in the arts, architecture, photography, and design, he took the company into the direction of smart home automation as control technology became more prevalent in the residential market. This passion for design and technology — and the vision to see how that technology can be used in the residential space — has led to Osbee become one of the premier smart home integration design firms in the country.

Our Mission

The creation of a perfect home is born of collaborators working in their chosen media: The architect creates the space. The interior designer enriches it. The builder realizes the vision.

For complete control and enjoyment, there is Osbee.

Osbee’s mission is to make all the technology, electronics, and entertainment systems in the home effortless and intuitive to control, and aesthetically pleasing through the use of innovative and thoughtful smart-home design, engineering, and installation.

Our Process

For each project, Osbee follows a comprehensive step-by-step process, guided by a dedicated project manager.

Designed to simplify the complex, our process provides the flexibility required to meet the unique demands of each project, and allows for as much — or as little — involvement as the client desires.

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