Motorized Lifts


Motorized Lifts

    The motorized shades can be lowered at the same time as the 42-inch TV rises on the lift hidden in the custom-built cabinet, creating the optimal environment for television viewing.

    The flatscreen HDTV in this Study is mounted on a lift hidden in the cabinet and files itself away automatically when not in use.

    To provide comfortable viewing in this sharply angled Master Bedroom, a 42˝ flatscreen display rises on a custom lift and automatically swivels toward the bed. When it’s turned off, the TV disappears into the shallow cabinet.

    With closet doors taking up virtually all the wall space in the Master Bedroom of this New York City penthouse, a 32˝ TV drops down from a custom-engineered ceiling lift — and disappears from the room when not in use.

    A high-definition projector on a hidden lift drops down from the ceiling, transforming the Family Room into a casual Home Theater with full surround sound.

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