Services: Touchscreen & Mobile Control

Control every aspect of your residence from inside your home or from anywhere around the world with state-of-the-art convenience.

Dedicated hard-wired touchscreens are the “command central” of each Osbee Home:

  • Each touchscreen provides complete and convenient control of every feature of the system independently of the home’s wireless network
  • Touchscreens are strategically placed throughout the residence at key high-traffic locations, such as in the kitchen and at the front hallway
  • Wall-mounted and tabletop styles are available in multiple sizes and mounting/docking options

iPhone, iPad, and Android integration provides mobile control from anywhere in the world:

  • With the Osbee Home app, homeowners can access and control their Osbee Home system from their home, their office, the beach, or anywhere else life takes them
  • System icons at the top of each screen match each of the specific systems in residence
  • Floorplan-based climate and lighting screens make it fast and easy to select the specific room or zone you want to control.