TruFig Flush-Mounts


TruFig Flush-Mounts

    A TruFig flush-mount bracket for a Crestron 10-inch touchscreen is flush with the wall and seamlessly finished to match the wood paneling.

    TruFig mounts can be finished to match virtually any wall covering. Here, the organic pattern of the marble is uninterrupted, providing an elegant surrounding for the 10-inch Crestron touchscreen.

    The TruFig mount for this iPad Mini is covered in wallpaper for a seamless finish.

    Trufig mounts can be painted or plastered to perfectly match the finishes on your walls.

    Besides wallmounts for Crestron touchscreens, iPads, and iPad Minis, Trufig makes flush-mount wallplates for a wide variety of keypads and power/data receptacles. Shown here are two unfinished receptacles ready for virtually any finish.

    These power and data receptacles are installed and ready to receive a coat of paint to match the wall color and render them almost invisible.

    TruFig's electrical outlet is installed flush with the wall material so it's almost invisible.

    At left, a TruFig wallplate holds a multi-function keypad and is seamlessly finished in marble. To the right, a dimmer switch is finished in wallpaper.

    Trufig wallplates can be finished to match virtually any wall covering. At left, a sleek Satin Chrome Lutron Palladiom metal keypad is installed into a granite wall. At right, the wallplate of this multi-function keypad is finished to match the wood paneling in the room.

    Wall outlets don't have to stand out. The painted receptacle at left is almost indistinguishable from the wall that surrounds it. Grasscloth seamlessly covers the TruFig wallplate at right. A color-coordinated combination USB/power receptacle elegantly finshes the look.

    A TruFig coverplate is the perfect solution for rooms where power outlets are required by code but rarely need to be used, such as in large bathrooms. Here, the wallplate is finshed in the tile used in the room. Removing the wallplate provides access to the outlet when needed.

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