Mirror TVs


Mirror TVs

    With the click of a handheld remote or from a small touchscreen on the nightstand, the picture on the mirror TV in the Master Bedroom of this Westchester, NY Estate magically appears.
When not in use, the TV looks like a regular mirror and the room appears to be totally free of electronics.


    In the Master Bath of this Westchester, NY residence, a single keypad controls the mirror TV, the lights, and shower speakers.

    In her Master Bath of this Manhattan penthouse, the picture in the mirror TV floats above the vanity.

    In the Living Room, what looks like an elegant mirror hangs above the fireplace. But at the command from the handheld remote or touchscreen, the television picture magically appears.

    Although it looks like it is simply hung on the wall, the placement and installation of this mirror TV required intricate engineering and a special mount to ensure adequate ventilation and chimney clearance.

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