The Outdoor Living Room


The Outdoor Living Room

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    When the homeowner came to Osbee with plans for the ultimate outdoor entertainment area, we knew what was needed: a simple, intuitive yet state-of-the-art system to match the casual luxury of the space. 
    After the outdoor TVs, multiple zones of audio, and elaborate landscape lighting were installed outside, the client could envision what was possible inside the house, and Osbee returned to transform a basic audio system into a full-blown automation system.
    At right, the first of two weatherproof flatscreen TVs sits in a specially engineered enclosure shallow enough to fit above the fireplace without impeding on the code requirements of the chimney.
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    A second weatherproof TV provides entertainment over the bar.

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    An 12.9-inch iPad Pro gives the homeowners the ability to control all the technolgy in their home and cue up a favorite TV show to watch at the outdoor bar.

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    Inside the house, a large 15-inch wall-mounted touchscreen provides ample space to display a full floorplan of the house. Just by touching the desired room on the screen, temperature or lights can be easily monitored and adjusted.

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    In the Gym, lights and temperature can be adjusted, and music or video selected via a smaller 6-inch wall-mounted touchscreen placed conveniently at the entry to the room by the bottom of the stairs.

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    Surround-sound audio, HD movies, and video games take their place alongside other classic entertainments of the non-digital variety in the Playroom.

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