Why integrate your home when “There’s an App for That?”

Osbee Industries Describes the True Benefits of Single-App Control in a High-Tech Luxury Home

Technology is changing rapidly, especially when it comes to home control. A smart thermostat like Nest® lets you adjust your heating and cooling from your phone. Sonos® allows you to stream your favorite playlists wirelessly throughout your residence. From shades, music, and TV to security, surveillance, and lights…it’s mind-boggling what you can do these days with new technologies, an app, and a smartphone.

So why fully integrate your home when there seem to be apps for just about everything you could possibly want to do?

I am asked this question more and more. And it’s a good one. The answer is right in the description of what we do: Integration.

I like analogies, so I’ll explain using this one:

Remember the old days? You used an alarm clock to wake in the morning. You wore a watch to keep track of the time. You checked your Filofax® to see what appointments you had for the day, looked up your contacts in your Rolodex®, and picked up the landline to confirm. You looked at a map to plot your route. You threw a few CDs into the car stereo to make the journey more enjoyable. You brought your camera along in case you needed to document something at the meeting, etc. etc. etc. It was up to you to have all these separate tools and technologies and manage them to suit your needs.

Apps are the Rolodexes®, the CD players, the maps, the landlines of today. Useful, but unintegrated.

Don’t get me wrong. Nest® is sexy and cool and has made it easy for just about anyone to conserve energy – a great thing to be sure. Sonos® is an innovative company – in fact they are often part of the mix in our systems. While these standalone solutions are great for performing individual functions like streaming music or video, or regulating your home’s temperature, they aren’t integrated – they don’t know what the other parts of the system are doing. Apps are pretty much like using a date book, a Rolodex®, a landline, a map, and a camera when you could get fully integrated functionality with a smartphone.

Why hassle with multiple individual apps when all you need is the one that integrates them all?

Rather than having multiple apps to run your home, Osbee clients have just one “app” – one interface to access every system in their homes. We call it The Osbee Home App.

Here are the five reasons the Osbee Home App is different:

1.   One interface vs hundreds. “The Osbee Home App” controls everything with one interface – all the screens look and work the same, no matter what device you’re using or what function you’re trying to access.

2.   Apps change all the time. The more apps you have, the more you’ll be chained to your phone or tablet to stay ahead of upgrades and troubleshoot incompatibilities. Do you have the time or patience to fuss with constant upgrades just to turn on your stereo? I know I sure don’t. If you’re using The Osbee Home App, we’re always behind the scenes keeping everything current and compatible so you don’t have to worry about it. Which leads me to number 3….

3.   One-on-one service. Residents of Osbee Homes are always greeted by a friendly voice who is committed to total satisfaction. With Osbee, it’s one company, one call – our concierge service is always there for you.

4.   Every function, the fewest clicks. Our simple, intuitive interface provides access to everything a homeowner needs. We have spent years creating and refining our Graphical User Interface (GUI), customizing the appearance, layout, and logic of our touch screens and mobile interfaces based on user preferences to make using our systems simple and require as few clicks as possible to achieve your desired goal.

5.   There is nothing custom about an app. Seriously. There isn’t. At Osbee, we engineer everything to work based on your home, your floorplans, your exact needs – to complement the way you live. Your Osbee Home App functions according to your preferences, not the other way around.

So why do our clients still choose to integrate their homes if there is an app for that?

Because no app is like The Osbee Home app.